The Mechanobiology of Morphogenesis

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From Molecules to Organs:
The Mechanobiology of Morphogenesis


Over the past five years, our understanding of how mechanical processes act across multiple scales to direct morphogenesis has advanced significantly. Yet, there remain numerous open questions, including the role of mechanics in tissue shaping, cancer dissemination, and cellular aging.

The From Molecules to Organs:The Mechanobiology of Morphogenesis conference will bring together world leaders in the fields of mechanobiology and morphogenesis. The three-day conference will span scales, from single molecules up to whole organisms.

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Due to the worldwide impact of COVID-19, this conference will be held virtually. Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to the latest research in mechanobiology and engage in dialogue with our invited speakers. We also plan to have interactive posters where attendees can present their research to a large online audience, along with networking opportunities to ferment potential future collaborations.

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