Image by the Saunders Lab

The Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy (LSFM) International Conference is an annual meeting of developers, users, scientists and companies dedicated to the exchange of the most recent information, developments, and advances in light sheet microscopy.

The organizers would like to thank attendees and participants for a productive and informative event!

LSFM was the 2014 Nature Methods method of the year and since then has made great strides in its development and has widely expanded in usage. A good over view of developments and applications in the past years is available from the SPIM Library. This year in the 4th LSFM International Conference (LSFM2017) we are looking forward to new advances in technology, data and image treatment, and applications. A recent important developments was the development of lattice light sheet microscopy by Nobel laureate Eric Betzig, who will give a plenary lecture during the conference.

As a major field of application of LSFM is Developmental Biology, LSFM2017 will be held directly before the 18th International Congress of Developmental Biology (ICDB) held at the same venue.

We look forward to welcoming you in Singapore in 2017.