Singapore Fish Meeting  |  2nd October 2018
Mechanobiology Institute, National University of Singapore

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Singapore Fish Meeting 2018

The Singapore Fish Meeting 2018 will gather laboratories in Singapore that use fish models (zebrafish, medaka, killifish, etc.) to address key scientific questions. Scientists will present their latest findings in development, disease, and regeneration. Additionally, some presenters will show how ingenious use of fish models can help to answer important questions concerning behavioural science, fluid mechanics, human bacterial pathogenesis, and tumorigenesis.

The organizers hope the meeting will foster a closer network of fish scientists, create a platform to promote the use of fish models for scientific discoveries and serve as a catalyst for cross-disciplinary collaborations.


Mechanobiology Institute, National University of Singapore (MBI)

MBI has been at the global frontier in understanding the minute world of cells interacting with their physical environment. Increasingly, scientists are beginning to uncover new knowledge in vertebrate development, regeneration and disease etiology through the lens of mechanobiology. MBI is pleased to host 2018’s meeting in hopes of promoting new collaborations and partnerships that will lead to new breakthroughs.