Bootcamp 2021

An Integrative Approach to Understand Cell Function

29 July to 7 August 2021

2021 Bootcamp on Mechanobiology

Due to heightened safety measures in compliance with Phase II, the 2021 Bootcamp has been postponed.

This ten-day “Bootcamp” style course will cover fundamental concepts and practical approaches in understanding cellular functions. The focus is to develop a breadth of knowledge in quantitative techniques to allow bioscience researchers to pursue further depth in their respective research work.

The Bootcamp lectures are open to all interested graduate students and post-docs. For graduate students the lectures will be reinforced in thematic-based practicals, leading to 4-MC.

Major topics include:

  • gene editing
  • cellular structure and processes
  • statistics
  • bio-imaging
  • image analysis,
  • and quantitative methods in biology

There will be extensive tutorials in using Python, complemented by a hands-on microscopy and wet-lab sessions. Students will work as part of a team to tackle problems and to develop a report on an open area of modern bioscience research.