Materials, Mimics, and Microfluidics:
Engineering Tools for Mechanobiology (MBI 3M)


Hybrid Scientific Meeting

21-23 July, 2021
National University of Singapore

Materials, Mimics, and Microfluidics: Engineering Tools for Mechanobiology is open to academics, post-doctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students interested in the topic of the conference. There is no registration fee for the conference.


Principal theme and objectives

The principal goal of MBI 3M 2021 is to explore ways in which engineering approaches are taken to control cell/tissue/organ/organism behavior. Broadly defined, this could include:

  • microfluidic strategies that directly manipulate cells
  • advances in biomaterials aimed at recapitulating native ECM,
  • new bioelectromechanical systems for studying and/or stimulating cells.

This semi-broad approach will allow for speakers from wide-ranging fields, including cancer biology, stem cell biology, immunology, neuroscience and more.

A focus on engineering tools also presents an opportunity for tech talks/hands-on tutorials by researchers or industry.

Hybrid meeting

MBI 3M 2021 is a hybrid meeting (#3M2021) aimed at Asia-Pacific scientists in the bioengineering and mechanobiology community. There will be a core online meeting with talks and discussion, supplemented by local ‘satellite’ meetings across the Asia-Pacific region. The satellite centres will be hosting the talks in a venue which will enable participants to be physically present at the venue (depending on local COVID restrictions at the satellite centre). This will provide for more meaningful interactions/discussions among the conference participants.