Cell & Tissue Hydraulics


20-22 October, 2021
National University of Singapore

Registration and Information

Principal theme and objectives of the symposium

Over the past years, our understanding of how mechanical processes act across multiple scales to direct morphogenesis has advanced significantly. A key mechanical player that has attracted recent attention is the role of hydraulics in biology. This symposium offers an opportunity to bring together world leaders in the fields of mechanobiology and hydraulics, spanning multiple scales from single molecules to whole organisms, and will encompass bacteria, plants, animals and in vitro systems. We hope to generate a positive environment for discussing the latest works and cultivating possible future collaborations.

The Cell & Tissue Hydraulics Mini-Symposium will explore the mechanobiology of osmolytes and fluid flow in:

  • Cell volume regulation
  • Cell migration
  • Development and homeostasis
  • Organoids and in vitro systems
  • New techniques and models

Virtual interactive symposium

The Cell & Tissue Hydraulics Mini-Symposium will present three days of pre-recorded lectures, live talks from invited speakers and poster presentations. Ample time will be provided to promote interactions with all speakers in split virtual rooms.

Logistically, the symposium will be scheduled between 6.00 P.M and 12.00 A.M. Singapore time (GMT +8) each day, taking into consideration of the time difference between US, Europe &a